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Inspiring the Mind

          Nurturing the Spirit

                  Embracing the Future   


Strategic Plan

At Harding Academy

At Harding Academy, we prepare young people for everything the future might hold for them as learners and thinkers—but also as wonderers and seekers, citizens and contributors, friends and leaders. We celebrate the complexity and depth of each student’s potential, taking a whole-child approach to nurturing each growing individual and inspiring every developing mind. 

2020 Strategic Plan

Embracing the Future

We’ve brought the same holistic perspective to stewarding Harding Academy’s future. Our new strategic plan—Embracing the future at Harding Academy—is designed to further invigorate our strong curriculum and engage our close-knit community, in ways that will keep our school relevant in and responsive to our rapidly changing world for years to come. Most importantly, the strategic plan supports current and future generations of Harding students, ensuring that each Harding graduate is fully prepared to bravely and boldly embrace the future for themselves.

Our plan consists of four key areas of focus:

Plan Overview
& Committee Members

Evolving Aspirations



These four key areas point the way toward evolving aspirations and fresh accomplishments, but they are also guided by the unchanging values that have always—and will always—shape a Harding Academy education. Our longstanding commitments to inspiring the mind, nurturing the spirit, issuing challenge, and offering support remain at the heart of all we do. This plan sets bold, new benchmarks in service of timeless, treasured purposes.

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